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Welcome to LEANLY.CO, the web's leading resource for legal steroids news and information. Our aim is to promote education and awareness of legal steroid alternatives to fitness and muscle-building enthusiasts around the world. Mis-information centered around the performance-enhancing drugs industry creates confusion between retailers, consumers, and educational institutions alike. With the aid of legitimate information resources such as our own, we aim to create a safer marketplace with more highly informed purchases across the web.

The sports world has chastised performance enhancing drugs because of the perception of obtaining an unfair advantage. Popular athletes from Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and amateur sports have become subject to scrutiny in regards of the use of performance enhancing drugs. The issues have even branched out into the entertainment industry as many wrestlers from World Wrestling Entertainment became the subject of criticism from fans around the world. Despite the alleged unfairness involved with performance enhancing drugs, many steroids have legitimate use and completely within the rules. Many athletes seek legal steroids to rehabilitate from career-threatening injuries in addition to counteracting many of the negative side effects that accompany aging bodies.


The word "testosterone" has a negative connotation in the sports world due to cheating Olympic athletes and MLB players like Barry Bonds. However, testosterone is a legal steroid that has many benefits. Testosterone increases sperm production and sex drive, which may ultimately alleviate the embarrassment associated with erectile dysfunction. Additionally, Testosterone plays a critical role in muscle development. Low testosterone levels have been associated with chronic fatigue, reduced athletic performance, low motivation, and depression. Athletes shouldn't hesitate to use testosterone to treat common problems like amotivational syndrome and erectile dysfunction.

Trenbolone (Fina)

Trenbolone, colloquially known as Fina, is a common muscle building agent that is also used as a dietary supplement for burning fat. Trenbolone was originally designed as a steroid for fattening livestock. After discovering its effectiveness on the human body, the FDA has classified Trenbolone as a Schedule IV controlled substance. However, Trenbolone is still a legal steroid that athletes seek to build muscle mass.

Word of Caution

Despite the abundance of availability, legal steroids are still controversial. Before implementing any steroid into a workout regimen, it is important to consult with medical professionals as well as the governing body of any sports league to guarantee the legality of the supplement. In addition to this, it is important to research potential side effects of any steroids before use. While legal steroids can have a profound effect on workout results, there is not substitute for hard work and determination. In fact, steroids don't work without proper exercise. Steroids like testosterone create drive and motivation in addition to preparing to muscles for anticipated growth. Without a proper workout, steroid use is obsolete and ineffective.

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