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Deca-Durabolin is a decanoate chemical compound derived from Nandrolone, an anabolic steroid generally used for treatment of osteoporosis. Key proven benefits of Nandrolone are rapid muscle growth and increased production of red blood cells and bone density. Perhaps the most commonly sought-after performance enhancing drug, Deca-Durabolin itself is the key compound made notorious by usage by the likes of Olympic gold medalist Marion Jones and MLB star Barry Bonds. It should be noted that while both star athletes faced legal battles after their involvements with Deca-Durabolin, the consequences were due to their lying about the consumption of the drug and not the actual act of consumption of the legal steroid itself.

Product Review: D-KA Elite Series

P-VAR Elite Series

Manufacturer: CrazyMass.com
Price: $59.99 per Bottle
Servings: 90 per Bottle
Usage: Fat burning, muscle growth
Product Link: http://www.crazymass.com/deca-durabolin/

From the Manufacturer:

Decka by CrazyMass, LLC is a great option to add to your nutrition plan if you are looking for dramatic increases in: strength, mass, and size. Formally known as NandroloneDecanoate; Decka the legal alternative will keep up to its reputation and help you achieve your fitness goals. Decka is great for gaining cycles and also for cutting cycles. Decka is not only desired to increase strength but also to heal. D-KA has a unique ability to alleviate joint pain caused by heavy lifting by improving collagen synthesis.

Supplement Features

Our Thoughts

Decka is a great product that I recently used in my nutrition plan to help cut down and increase my strength. What’s nice is this product helps recovery much faster because of it’s healing powers by improving collagen synthesis, hence more lifts and more growth. I loved the fact that it can be used for bulking cycles as well. This product is safe and does not have the nasty side effects like the true NandroloneDecanoate steroid carries. I would recommend the Decka alternative steroid by CrazyMass to anyone that can afford $59.99 from their budget to add to their nutrition line.

Highlight of Pro’s: Increase strength, Increase recovery time, Increases nitrogen retention for protein synthesis, can be used for cutting & bulking cycles.

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